Where am I from? What's my educational background?

  I grew up on a farm in Lindstrom, MN and attended Mankato State University for Human Resources.


Human Resources. Why women's fashion now?

  Yes HR. I learned how to help all people. I LOVE fashion, does there need to be any other reason!


What inspired me to start my own business?

  My heart & soul is an entrepreneur. I want to be able to provide unique style, beauty and confidence to all women. I love taking thoughts & ideas, create & then follow through.


What & who influences me when buying for fly?

  ALWAYS the customers! Hearing our customer recommendations, but also keeping up current trends, with a unique style! 


What is my favorite go to accessory?

  Necklaces that you can't find anyone else wearing, especially something that has a color! I also love to have a funky bracelet to dress up a short sleeve top. Jewelry doesn't have to match my outfit, it's an extention of my mood & feelings!


Want to know more about me, just ask!



What if I fall...Oh, my darling, what if you


                                                                                                             ~Erin Hanson


Childhood taught me the important values of hard work, honesty, trust, integrity, passion & love.


As years went on I grew as an individual. I kept all those values, but learned more about life and love.


I found love at a young age and an angel took him no sooner than I found him.


Life was hard, confusing,

& an angel almost took me with the big "C".


I'm alive & continue to survive.


I learned how to  fly!


 I am flying high now with my business and being able to provide for women who may be lost like I once was.



 You are beautiful. You are strong. You are YOU. 








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