June Fall Fashion Is Here

It's June. I am a kid waiting to open a big present. June is next season fashion premier for fall! I will be attending various markets to bring you stylish & trendy clothing, jewelry & knickknacks. Items I am excited to for the following:

Jewelry & Bags:

~ Hand & Shoulder Bags are deceptively big &stay upright when you set them down

- check out our current totes & bags made of recycled military canvas

~ Single Earrings because you can make a statement with just one, but more is better

~ Oversized Necklaces

~ Rings with Raw Stone


~ Clashing prints and bold colors together

- being able to create your own style with mix & match

~ Shimmer, shimmer & shimmer

- nothing like a little shine to get you through the fall

If you are still in summer mode like I am, fly will have additional items still for the summer.

Always remember you are beautiful.



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