Moments in your life when you stop. Stop. No really, stop. Your world almost freezes for a moment or even seconds. The only word I feel is grateful. Only 8 letters, yet so powerful.. I stopped today. It was therapy for my soul.

It was my first flybuy at Music in Mears. The weather was perfect, the great crowd soaking up the sounds, the smells, the vibe of MiM.


I have amazing family and friends who help support me on one of the best days/memory of my life.


I am able to pour my energy and sweat doing what God has given me the talent to do. I get to empower beautiful women every day!


Sweet words of encouragement from beautiful people as they are a part of my journey. Grateful.

WOW this is powerful.

Thank you for those that shared the experience of a lifetime today. Those that thought and prayed for me, thank you. New friends that I met, excited to get to know you!

God Bless,


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